Smoked Mushroom Garum

We’re excited to announce Smoked Mushroom Garum is back!

This umami-packed liquid seasoning can be used in a myriad of ways to add richness and flavor to your home cooking.

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Project 004: Cep Oil

A delicious finishing oil from the forests of Scandinavia. This rich, earthy oil made from cep mushrooms is a recurring favorite on noma’s menus, and one of the earliest oils ever developed in the test kitchen.


Project 005: Whisky Vinegar

A bright and malty vinegar made with Danish rye whisky. The bracing acidity of apple cider vinegar blends beautifully with the warm and woody base notes of a barrel-aged spirit, making our Whisky Vinegar a unique and versatile addition to your pantry.


Project 001: Smoked Mushroom Garum

The first product from the Noma pantry is a complex garum, the first in a series of products that reflects the soul of Noma's cooking: well-crafted, plant-forward, and always focused on great flavors. 

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