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Wild Rose Vinegar &
Forager’s Vinaigrette
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Wild Rose Vinegar is Back!

We are very excited to bring back our Wild Rose Vinegar this year. A rare seasonal treat, Wild Rose Vinegar is made from the wild beach roses that speckle Denmark’s coastlines for a fleeting moment each year in early summer. The fragrant petals are foraged by hand and infused in incredibly high concentration to create a delicate, balanced, and floral vinegar that compliments everything from cocktails, to main courses, to dessert.

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Forager's Vinaigrette: A Summer Marriage of Blackcurrant Wood Oil and Wild Rose Vinegar

Blackcurrant wood oil is bottled with our Wild Rose Vinegar, two highly seasonal products that come together for a once-a-year treat.   

Blackcurrant wood oil is made from the branches of blackcurrant bushes that we care for year-round utilizing every part of the plant as seasons change from stem to berry. For our blackcurrant wood oil, we harvest the blackcurrant branches when they are young, tender and vibrant green with chlorophyll and blend them into a bright and aromatic oil.   

Wild Rose Vinegar is made from fragrant wild rose petals, foraged by hand and blended in incredibly high concentration to create a delicate, balanced, and floral vinegar. 

Forager's Vinaigrette is an obvious choice for summer salads, grilled vegetables, and as a marinade for raw seafood in a ceviche.

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