Grilled Kale with Elderflower Peaso Butter

15 mins


1 bunch of kale 
100 g of butter 
1/3 jar of Elderflower Peaso
10 ml of Nordic Shoyu
50 g of neutral oil



1. Heat the butter in a pan to 145°C or until it reaches a noisette (nutty brown) stage. 
2. Add the Elderflower Peaso. Stir well and allow to cool until it reaches a soft, spreadable consistency. 
3. Stir in the Nordic Shoyu and set aside. 
4. Remove the stems from the kale. 
5. Wash the kale thoroughly and dry well. 
6. In a very hot pan, add the neutral oil and the kale. Allow the kale to toast well, being careful not to burn it.  
7. Add the elderflower butter and stir gently, being careful not to break the leaves too much.

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