Pan Roasted Pumpkin with Smoked Mushroom Vinaigrette and Hazelnut

40 mins


1 Hokkaido Pumpkin (or similar pumpkin or autumn squash) cut into wedges
Vegetable Oil, for cooking
40g Unsalted Butter, if needed 
40g Smoked Mushroom Garum

40g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
30g Lemon Juice 
20g Maple Syrup 
50g Hazelnuts, roasted and chopped 
4g Marjoram 
Salt, to taste
Black Pepper, to taste


1. In a sauté pan, heat a thin film of oil over medium-high flame. Place a single layer of pumpkin wedges cut-side down in the hot oil and roast on both sides until deeply golden. Remove the wedges when coloured and rest them on a rack or kitchen towel to drain. Continue to brown the rest of the pumpkin wedges. When all the wedges are brown, lower the heat to low flame and return the wedges to the pan along with the butter. Baste with the foamy butter until the pumpkins are tender. Depending on the thickness of the wedges, this step may not be necessary as thinner pieces will cook through during the browning already. As the pumpkins finish cooking, return them to the rack to drain.  

2. Remove the pan from the stove. Pour off the remaining butter from the pan and discard. Add the remaining ingredients so they warm through with the heat of the pan. The sauce should not boil; you only want a warm vinaigrette, not a hot one.  

3. Arrange the pumpkin on the desired platter and spoon some of the dressing over each wedge. Serve the pumpkin accompanied by more sauce on the side for guests to help themselves. 

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