Taste the Seasons

Welcome to our world of flavor

Everything we do starts by stepping into nature, and everything we share is produced by hand in our workshop right beside noma. 

We make it a point never to repeat ourselves. 

Because we like to Try New Things.

How we came to be

Building on two decades’ worth of culinary innovation, Noma Projects was founded in 2022 to share ingredients from the past, present, and sometimes even future of restaurant noma: a place in Copenhagen where the team has an endless fascination with the idea that there is always more deliciousness out there, just waiting to be uncovered.

While giving home cooks new essentials to add to their pantries fills us with excitement, it’s only part of what we do. Through our Taste Buds membership club, along with a range of publications and events, Noma Projects hopes to generate the kind of knowledge and inspiration that helped us to realize that food just might be the most important thing we have. 

Noma Projects x David Shrigley

Back in 2010, the British artist David Shrigley was kind enough to create a series of illustrations for restaurant noma. Written on one of the pieces he handed to René and the team was a phrase: “Don’t Lose Your Sparkle.” Suddenly, noma had its unofficial mantra, along with a friendship that continues to grow nearly fifteen years in.

Seemingly simple, clever yet warm, David’s art has defined the look and feel of Noma Projects since the day we decided to see if people might be interested in trying a brew of mushrooms from the fermentation lab. For our first ever release, we wanted a label that felt playful, human, unmistakably noma. Sir Shrigley was the only artist we considered. He and his team have conceived every single label since.  

While the noma test kitchen and David’s studio might seem like totally different worlds, we’ve discovered that we share a few important things in common. One is the need to see the world just as a child might, which is how you keep your sparkle. The second is a passion for what happens when you Try New Things. That helpful message appears on one what has become the unofficial logo of Noma Projects. 

Our Team

We’re a closely knit team. We make everything we release by hand in our production workshop beside noma, collaborating closely with René, the test kitchen, the fermentation lab, and an extended family of friends.

Interested in joining our team? Check out the Careers page.

    Annika de Las Heras

    USA / Finland

    Lena Hennessy

    CEO Noma Projects / COO noma

    Cristina Megias

    Production Manager

    Thomas Frebel

    Creative Director, noma & Noma Projects