Venetian Pork Chop a la Somebody Feed Phil

Serves 4 | 30 min


2 Pork chops
40-50g Flour
3 Whole eggs, whisked
60-70g Panko/bread crumbs
30-40mL Neutral frying oil
15g Butter
25-30mL Wild Rose Vinegar
Sea salt


Whisk the eggs well in a flat bowl large enough for you to be able to turn the pork chops in (you could add some grated garlic, smoked paprika, or herbs de Provence to the eggs to add an extra layer of flavor).

Place enough flour on a plate to lightly coat the pork chops
Place the panko crumbs into a third and separate large, flat bowl.

Give the pork chops a few good whacks with a meat tenderizer on both sides.

Lightly cover the chops in flour, dip and coat in the whisked eggs, then evenly cover the chops in panko.

Get a pan big enough to fit the chops, cover the entire surface with neutral oil (approximately 1 cm) and warm over medium-low heat.

Add the butter to the cold oil and once the butter has melted into the oil, it is time to carefully add the pork chops. Cook and caramelize the pork chops on the first side to a delicious golden brown color. Carefully turn the chops with a pair of tongs and continue to cook the other side to golden brown. When both sides are caramelized, lift the pork chops out of the oil and place onto a wire rack to the side. Carefully pour the frying oil into a heatproof container to the side and return the pan to the heat.

Turn the heat up to medium and put the pork chops back in the dry pan followed by the rose vinegar. Shake the pan a little while the vinegar bubbles and evaporates into the pork chops. Once the vinegar has pretty much disappeared, season the chops with salt, serve and eat immediately.
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