Cold Summer Noodles

Serves 1 | 15 min 


4 Limes
4 tablespoons Wild Rose Vinegar
1 teaspoon sea salt
200g dried noodles (ramen, soba, glass, etc.)
Cold water


Squeeze the juice of 3 limes into a small container, add the wild rose vinegar and salt, and stir until the salt has dissolved. Place this mixture into the fridge or freezer depending on when you will eat. You want it to be very cold.

Boil your choice of noodles and immediately put them in cold water to cool them down.

Slice the last lime as thinly as you can.

When it is time to eat, put about 25 mL of the lime and vinegar broth into your individual serving bowl and add 60mL of cold water.
Now add you cold noodles and a few slices of the lime. Serve with sesame seeds and chili flakes. You could add diced avocado, cucumber, coriander leaves, and a little drizzle of toasted sesame oil.
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