The Summer Bundle
The Summer Bundle
The Summer Bundle
The Summer Bundle
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The Summer Bundle

In season at noma | Summer 2024

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Summer is the latest installment of In Season at noma, a new series of limited-edition product releases that allow people everywhere to cook with the same delicious flavors that are fueling the restaurant’s creativity, season by season.

This new bundle includes three highly seasonal products—Rhubarb TamariSummer Pickles, and Forager’s Vinaigrette —that play an essential role in our summer menus. Each is the result of years spent exploring the worlds of foraging, preservation, fermentation, and umami. While these products are excellent complements to the vegetable recipes that define our summer menu, they will elevate almost any dish, any time of year. 

Please note that Summer is sold only as a bundle, containing 3 innovative products which cannot be purchased separately.


  • One 250mL (8.45 oz) bottle of Forager's Vinaigrette
  • One 175mL (5.92 oz) jar of Summer Pickles
  • One 100mL (3.38 oz) bottle of Rhubarb Tamari

  • Made by hand by the Noma Projects team in Copenhagen
  • Vegan
  • Soy and dairy-free 

Customs & duties may be due upon delivery for some countries. 

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About the The Summer Bundle

Summer is the season for glorious rhubarb, an ingredient that doesn’t always have to be candied or paired with sweets. Our Rhubarb Tamari is a perfect example.  

The latest of noma’s Japanese-style tamaris, we see this tart and savory seasoning liquid as a stand-in for the acidity of citrus fruit in many dishes. It may also remind you of the pomegranate molasses popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.   

Try Rhubarb Tamari in salads. Pair it with fruit and grilled vegetables before serving. Or spoon it over ice cream, just like an aged balsamic

Less than an hour from noma, there’s a little farm where we grow vegetables, sea buckthorn, and all kinds of berries without intervention. The place is amazing in June: that’s when the gooseberries and blackcurrants start popping up...and we get straight to work making pickles. 

For this year’s batch, we picked them slightly unripe and created a pickling liquid that features a lacto-fermented blackberry leaf tea, a touch of apple vinegar, and a dash of birch syrup. To add even more notes of Danish summer, we threw in a bit of elderflower.

Treat these pickles just as you would capers, and don’t forget to enjoy the liquid. Sweet, sour, and slightly savory, it’s just the thing to add to a warm-weather cocktail...or a martini any time of year. 

By popular demand, one of the restaurant’s summer classics is making its return for this bundle: Forager’s Vinaigrette. It’s a recipe that combines our Wild Rose Vinegar and Blackcurrant Wood Oil to create one of the most unmistakably noma flavors we can think of.

For our blackcurrant wood oil, we blend blackcurrant branches that have been harvested when they are young, tender, and a very vibrant green. For the oil’s counterpart, wild beach rose petals are foraged by hand and infused in incredibly high concentration, creating a delicate, balanced, and floral vinegar.

Forager’s Vinaigrette is a great choice for summer salads and grilled vegetables, and as a marinade for raw seafood in a ceviche. Lately, we’ve been using it to make mignonette for ice-cold oysters at weekend barbecues.