Project 005: Whisky Vinegar

To make Whisky Vinegar, we begin with our favorite whisky: Stauning Barrel-Aged Rye Whisky. To get from spirit to vinegar, we gently vacuum-distill the whisky to remove excess alcohol whilst holding onto its distinct flavor. Once it reaches an alcohol content conducive to making vinegar, we blend it with two kinds of apple vinegar and birch syrup. Added up, it’s toasty-fruity and slightly sweet with woody depths—what we believe to be the truest representation of good whisky, in vinegar form.

An excellent way to dress a salad of bitter, winter greens, to replace the malt vinegar on a basket of hot fish and chips, or to brighten up your morning juice.

This product is a rare, seasonal treat. As such, Whisky Vinegar is available in very limited quantities.

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