Launching Noma Projects

From day one, since opening in its original location in an old warehouse in Copenhagen, noma has been a restaurant ever curious to learn and grow. Our origins are rooted in an exploration of the natural world, which began with a simple desire to rediscover wild local ingredients by foraging and following the seasons. The restaurant’s constantly evolving approach is defined by a search to unlock innovation and share knowledge, and a passion for the craft of welcoming others.

Noma Projects was founded in 2022 to share the knowledge, innovations and flavours of noma beyond the four walls of our restaurant in Copenhagen. Driven by the same creative team and pioneering spirit, we develop products that allow people around the world to experience noma in their homes, bringing more deliciousness and inspiration into their everyday lives

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As dedicated fermentation nerds, our work is deeply rooted in research and development. Inspired by experiments to rethink preservation and food waste, fermentation has provided the tools and the flavors that have transformed our kitchen.  


Stepping into nature is how we found our inspiration 20 years ago; it drives everything we do. For Noma Projects, this care and respect for nature is at the core of every decision we make.

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Staying open to learn and be inspired by other people, cultures and professionals from other fields is where we find new knowledge and fresh perspective. We are lifelong learners. We adapt, improve, try and try again.