Noma in Kyoto

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This in-depth journal tells the story of when noma went to Kyoto in the height of Sakura season. With our entire team of 103 extraordinarily curious individuals, we embarked on a completely new adventure to the mythical city of Kyoto.

This publication offers readers—from food enthusiasts to anyone curious about Japan—insight into noma's travels and learnings, and a guide to the remarkable city we got to call home for an entire spring. It's a loving glimpse into our experience, the dishes we created, the people we met and the journeys we undertook.

Noma in Kyoto features contributions from the noma team as well as friends from around the world, including writers Adam Sachs and Robbie Swinnerton and actress Lily Collins.

Text in English | Approximately 220 pages on high-quality paper | Limited edition single-run magazine.

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Editorial NoteOn page 166, Image 1 is attributed to Tonkatsu Ichiban. The correct credit for Image 1 is Katsukura Tonkatsu Sanjo Main Store. This will be adjusted in future editions of the magazine.

DKK 250.00