What does the 2024 membership include?

Four deliveries: Four times a year, you will receive a minimum of 12 of some of the latest food innovations that are happening in the noma test kitchen. Most of these are one-off, never seen before. Have you ever wondered what young tender pine cones taste like, or edible mushroom leather. What would a noma toffee taste like if it was made from pumpkin? Throughout the year, you will get these across four deliveries, and we will be there to guide you.

With every delivery, we will share stories about how they came to be, how to use them and what makes them special.

A chance to go foraging with Rene:
Buckle up for an afternoon of foraging with Rene Redzepi. One will take place in Copenahgen, one somewhere else in the world, close to where our Taste Buds members are. Dates and exact locations will be shared in 2024. Spots will be limited, and available only to Taste Buds members.

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Two virtual events
How does creativity work? How do we go about it? How do we learn and unlearn? What are the tricks and the techniques that we use to keep ourselves inspired. How Mother Earth is our number one collaborator and how we put all of this together in creating new flavors and new ideas for the betterment of food. Join our formidable crew from the test kitchen in two conversations throughout the year on these topics. Exact dates will be shared in 2024.

…and additional surprises throughout the year!

Get ready to taste the world like you’ve never before!