Introducing Project 002: Wild Rose Vinegar

Rosa Rugosa, commonly known as beach rose, can be found along the Danish coastlines, where they were originally brought over to Denmark from Japan in the late 1800s and planted as windbreaks in the 1950s. Now an invasive species, this shrub gives the most incredibly aromatic rose, which has quickly become one of the signature flavors of noma. The potency of the wild rose simply cannot be compared to a store bought rose. It’s like comparing black and white to color TV. 

Finding these flowers everywhere along the coastline, we started exploring how to use them at the restaurant and have since found ways to infuse this rose into so many things, using them on the menu in everything from oils to kombuchas, misos to spice mixes, as well as for preserving. 

Originally a byproduct of the pickled petals used in our test kitchen, we soon realized this bright, floral vinegar was a delicious way to finish any dish–everything from a main course to dessert.

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Making Wild Rose Vinegar

Foraged by hand beginning in late May, the earliest petals yield the freshest, most fragrant flavor. For every bottle produced, we infuse 50 grams of rose petals in unpasteurized apple vinegar, which is then masterfully blended by our Noma Projects production team to create the bright, floral vinegar.

Due to the short season and hand-foraged process, this product will be extremely limited. 

Meant to be used in concert with other flavors, this vinegar can help add a bit of an edge or brightness, which can be used to balance most dishes. You’ll find that our Wild Rose Vinegar works beautifully in everything from cocktails to pork chops. Make sure to check out our selection of favorite recipes for some more inspiration on how to use it!

Wild Rose Vinegar Recipes

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This versatile summer vinegar brightens any dish! We have added some of our favourite recipes to our library, each crafted by Nadine Levy Redzepi!

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