More about Wild Rose Vinegar

A rare seasonal treat, wild beach rose petals are foraged by hand and blended in incredibly high concentration to create a vinegar that is delicate, balanced, and floral. Wild Rose Vinegar is complimentary to many other flavors and works well in everything from a cocktail, to a main course, to dessert.  

Wild roses are one of noma's most beloved flavors, and have been a staple in its kitchen since the very beginning. Their season is incredibly short, weather depending it’s just a few weeks each year. At the restaurant, the team has explored countless ways to preserve the shocking pink petals to stretch their flavor year round. They’ve been used in everything from pickling to misos, to kombuchas, to oils and spice mixes. Originally a byproduct from the process of making Pickled Roses, Wild Rose Vinegar has become a favorite for its potency, simplicity, and versatility.

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Danish Summer in a Bottle

Rosa Rugosa, commonly known as beach rose, can be found along the Danish coastlines, where they were originally brought over to Denmark from Japan and planted as windbreaks in the 1950s. Now an invasive species, this shrub gives the most incredibly aromatic rose, which has quickly become one of the signature flavors of noma. The potency of the wild rose simply cannot be compared to a store bought rose. It’s like comparing black and white and color TV.