Those familiar with our first-ever release from 2022, Smoked Mushroom Garum, will find that this new Mushroom Garum takes the original recipe to the next level, adding even more depth and flavor than before. It works under the surface to amplify and enhance the qualities of the main ingredient in a dish, whether it’s a simple side of sautéed spinach or a wintry stew.

Groundbreaking Flavors, Ancient Ideas  

For the past twenty years, we’ve been able to develop innovation upon innovation by embracing a culinary tradition that dates back millennia: garum was originally fermented fish sauce made all around the Mediterranean basin. Whereas the original recipes garum ago relied on the naturally occurring enzymes in fish intestines to produce robust flavors, we use koji. This simple switch has allowed us to experiment with a wider range of high-protein ingredients, including mushrooms, and to create less salty but equally captivating garums.

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Two Garums in One

The story of Oat Garum began when we set out to find a delicious use for the solid byproducts offered to us by a farmer in Sweden who produces oat milk. Much to our surprise, once the enzymes in rice koji got to work breaking down the proteins in the oats, the process yielded a garum that delivers texture, depth, and flavor to compete with one made from beef.

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