Introducing Project 003: Forager's Vinaigrette

On a fresh spring morning, one of our foragers arrived with new season blackcurrant branches that had both young berries and shoots still attached. We were already pickling the tender shoots and making capers from the young green blackcurrants, but we soon realized that we could harvest the young wood to create an aromatic oil. Blackcurrant wood is particularly good in early spring when there is a lot of chlorophyll in the branches, giving it a verdant, fruity flavor. 

Wild roses are foraged by hand beginning in late May; the earliest petals yield the freshest, most fragrant flavor. For our bright, floral vinegar, the petals are infused in unpasteurized apple vinegar, which is then blended by our Noma Projects production team to create the final product.

We combined these two foraged ingredients—wild rose and blackcurrant wood, both iconic flavors from the test kitchen—to create this floral and fruity vinaigrette.

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Making Forager's Vinaigrette

Harvested by hand each season, we select the youngest blackcurrant shoots to infuse in organic Danish rapeseed oil over a period of time to extract the most flavor and aroma from the wood. These young shoots contain chlorophyll, which gives the oil its light green color. 

Wild roses have been a staple of the noma kitchen since the very beginning, used in everything from pickling to misos, to kombuchas, to spice mixes. The petals of these roses are foraged by hand along the coastlines of Denmark, then blended in incredibly high densities to create a vinegar that is delicate, balanced, and floral.

We combine two-thirds blackcurrant wood oil with one-third reserved wild rose vinegar to create our verdant, aromatic vinaigrette. It’s a taste of noma on a summer day.

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