About Dashi RDX

Dashi RDX is the first, among many to come, in our series of reductions. We choose to introduce Dashi RDX first because dashi is the backbone of Japanese cuisine, it’s the ubiquitous and defining flavor of many of the most mind-blowing bites we’ve ever had.  

Dashi RDX, RDX being the chef’s shorthand for reduction at noma, is a super concentration of flavor and technique; it’s an in-house brew of some of the most umami rich ingredients we can imagine together— traditional Japanese dashi with our very own Smoked Mushroom Garum in place of the soy sauce— and we combine them employing a mix of traditional techniques we learned in Japan, and our own innovations in fermentation and reduction that we know to provide the most impactful flavor. The result is a dark, deeply flavorful, and complex syrup that we find addictive on top of just about anything.