Born in the noma test kitchen

Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce was created in noma’s test kitchen as part of a challenge to the five-person team. Each member was tasked to develop two unique and creative hot sauces over two days. Out of several strong contenders of varying viscosities, heat levels and compositions, this recipe for Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce was the favorite. To date, noma has yet to use it in a menu at the restaurant, so this is our first product to come straight out of the test kitchen to your home.  

Leveling up on flavor

To make our Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce, we gather ingredients during their peak season. In winter, we harvest the Yuzu fruit and preserve its zest to capture it when it’s most aromatic. In summer, we harvest sweet corn, fruity habanero chiles, and the tender, green branches of the blackcurrant bush. We infuse the branches to create our fresh Blackcurrant Wood Oil (also featured in our Forager’s Vinaigrette). We blend them all together to create a textured, fruity, and aromatic hot sauce. 

Enjoy it anywhere you use hot sauce already, we think it’s especially delicious for barbecue because its brightness pairs well with grilled fish and vegetables. 

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