Project 004: Cep Oil

Ceps are found in the forest between late summer and early autumn and can be preserved in oil to be enjoyed year-round. Cep Oil was one of the earliest oils developed in the noma test kitchen many years ago, when we discovered that the preservation oil is just as flavorful as the mushroom itself and even more versatile in the kitchen. For our Cep Oil, the mushrooms are confit in organic rapeseed oil, left to infuse for 24 hours to extract the most flavor, and finally the oil is filtered and bottled. 

This is a finishing oil (heat will dull its flavor), perfect for layering savory depth to any dish. It can be used to enhance the flavor of a broth, as a confit oil, in a mayo, bearnaise, or even in a vinaigrette.  

For the ultimate mushroom-lover’s vinaigrette, combine Cep Oil, our Smoked Mushroom Garum, and a balsamic or berry vinegar. Or, for a special treat, try pairing it with wild berries, fresh or dried. 

This product is a rare, seasonal treat. As such, Cep Oil is available in very limited quantities, but we’ll aim to make this again come autumn. 

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