Instant Umami

Who knew that an ancient technique could turn beef scraps into a seasoning liquid with a depth of flavor to compete with the finest dry-aged steak?

Created over a decade ago, Beef Garum is one of the earliest and most outstanding of noma’s garums. Like all the best garums, it’s a true supporting player, working stealthily to focus and enliven the flavors of almost any dish. 

How to use it

Follow your intuition. If you’re cooking something that needs a hit of boldness and dimension, you probably will be happy after adding a drop. Some favorite applications of ours include stir-fried vegetables and pasta sauces—honestly, just add a healthy glug to a pot of tomato sauce and taste what happens. We’ve also cured with Beef Garum, combined it with Rose Vinegar to make a dip, and even treated it like a bouillon cube. 

At POPL in Copenhagen, it’s the “secret” seasoning for the signature burger. 

Enjoy it anywhere you use hot sauce already, we think it’s especially delicious for barbecue because its brightness pairs well with grilled fish and vegetables. 

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